Polygraph Lounge: The Goods

On Video

Watch Polygraph Lounge with ETHEL for The Metropolitan Museum of Art's "on Balcony Bar From Home"! (at Facebook)
Polygraph Lounge rehearsing "Holiday for Strings" on Bulbhorns (at youtube.com)
Polygraph Lounge sings "Paperbag Writer (at youtube.com)
Polygraph Lounge and Bobby McFerrin, live at the Marciac Jazz Festival, play
-- Sonny Rollins's "St Thomas" (at youtube.com)
-- and a surprise encore (at youtube.com)
Polygraph Lounge Live at the Marciac Jazz Festival (France) at vimeo.com or at youtube.com
Polygraph Lounge on the creative process... at vimeo.com or at youtube.com


Buy the CD
1. Where Are the Lights?
2. The Call of the Wood Duck
3. SUV
4. The Nutcracker
5. The Siren Song

Click on the album cover to listen to song samples
and to order the EP from CD Baby
Also available through Best Buy

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