The Greater Tri-State Jellyfish Council Presents

Rob Schwimmer and Mark Stewart in...

Polygraph Lounge
«Mad genius should always be this fun!»

Ben Sisario The New York Times

«Mind-numbing virtuosity and rib-tickling wit — that's Polygraph Lounge. They take words and music apart and put them back together in astonishing and hilariously unexpected ways.»

Peter Schickele, discoverer of P.D.Q. Bach

NEW! Polygraph Lounge Live
at the Dairy Arts Center, Boulder, CO. (2018)
Mark, Rob, and Melissa

Photo: Julie Mardin

Plundering the common cultural currency of yesterday, today and tomorrow, Polygraph Lounge is a virtuosic duo specializing in musical hilarity/anarchy in the Spike Jones tradition.

at Carnegie Hall
Polygraph Lounge at Carnegie Hall
Rob Schwimmer, Peter Schikele, and Mark Stewart
Polygraph Lounge and Peter Schickele
of P.D.Q. Bach fame

Mark and Bill
Who's the guy with Mark?

Polygraph Lounge is Rob Schwimmer and Mark Stewart. Individually they have worked with Paul Simon, Wayne Shorter, Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, Bang on a Can, Stevie Wonder, Annette Peacock, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Willie Nelson, Anthony Braxton, Kurt Vonnegut, Eliot Feld, Fred Frith, Sam Rivers, Burt Bacharach, Muddy Waters, Alwin Nikolai, Vernon Reid, John Cale, Sammy Davis Jr., Hanson, Bette Midler, Adam Guettel, Queen Latifah, as well as Simon and Garfunkel (collectively).
Polygraph Lounge is what they do when their keepers aren't looking.

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